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Today, Guangzhou Tongyang will share with you what are the advantages of using industrial aluminum profiles to build the rotary labeling machine bracket?

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  • Release time: 2023-10-23

At present, all equipment in the production industry operates on industrial aluminum profiles, which are mainly used for support. For example, all rotary labeling machine supports are made of industrial aluminum profiles. There are many materials that can be used as support brackets. Why only choose this material for the rotary labeling machine bracket? The following is what I want to share with you.

Rotary labeling machine bracket

The advantages of using industrial aluminum profiles to build rotary labeling machine brackets can be divided into five points:

1. As we all know, industrial aluminum profiles are assembled with various accessories, also called a modular assembly system, that is, modules with different functions are assembled through the combination of parts, and then modules that meet the requirements are selected according to the product structure and function, and the customer is satisfied through module combination assembly requested product.

2. As long as the surface of the material is anodized, silver-white, corrosion-resistant and dirt-resistant, it is very suitable for industrial automation.

3. There are many specifications, which can be used not only for labeling machines, but also for other types of equipment.

4. Light weight, high strength, easy to carry, easy to move, strong plasticity, no need for welding.

5. The main problem is that it is environmentally friendly, easy to clean, has high accessory connection strength, can be matched with various decorative accessories, and has a long service life.

Industrial aluminum profiles

There are many advantages to using aluminum profiles to build rotary labeling machine supports. The above is a simple list of 5 points. These points can convince you why to buy it. If you don’t understand, remember to leave a message to us in Guangzhou Tongyang.

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Hot melt adhesive labeling machine, rotary labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine


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