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How to choose a useful rotary labeling machine?

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  • Release time: 2024-03-05

Friends, are you having trouble choosing a useful rotary labeling machine? Don’t worry, today we Tongyang will tell you how to choose a rotary labeling machine to label your products quickly and accurately!

First of all, here comes the practical information. Focus on remembering these three words: "stable, accurate and fast". Why do you say that? Because when we choose a labeling machine, we look for these three characteristics.

Let’s talk about “stability” first. Stability is king. You have to choose a machine that runs smoothly and has a low failure rate. The stability of equipment is directly related to production efficiency and product quality. What you don’t want is to put a label on today and have to repair the machine tomorrow, right?

Next is "accuracy", and accuracy is also super important. A good rotary labeling machine should ensure that each label is accurately placed. Think about it, if the labels posted are crooked every time, how much it will affect the image of the product!

Then there is "fast", which is a question of efficiency. When choosing a labeling machine, you must also consider its labeling speed. Time is money, especially on the production line. An efficient rotary labeling machine can help you save a lot of time and labor costs.

 Let’s talk about specific selection techniques next. First, you have to look at the degree of automation of the machine. A good rotary labeling machine should be simple to operate and have a high degree of automation. It can eliminate the need for complicated manual adjustments, which can make your production line smoother.

 Then, don’t forget to check your machine’s compatibility. Can this labeling machine adapt to bottles of different sizes and shapes? Can I adjust the label attachment position? These are all key points.

Also, after-sales service must also be taken into consideration. If something goes wrong with the machine, can the manufacturer provide timely and effective technical support? You need to ask this clearly to avoid being as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

 Okay, the above are some tips for purchasing a rotary labeling machine. Remember, when purchasing, you must conduct an on-site inspection and experience the operating process of the equipment in person, so that you can find the labeling machine that best suits your needs.

That’s it, friends. Welcome to our Tongyang shop to choose a rotary labeling machine that suits you, so that your products will have bright labels on the market and your sales will soar!

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