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Let me share with you that the label belt of the round bottle labeling machine is deviated. What should I do? We, Tongyang, are manufacturers of hot melt adhesive labeling machines, rotary labeling machines, and round bottle labeling machines.

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  • Release time: 2023-10-17


The label belt of the round bottle labeling machine is deviated, what should I do?

With the development of medicine, food, health products, daily chemicals and other industries and the continuous advancement of packaging technology, my country's packaging industry has become increasingly mature.

The labeling machine for pet bottles and pp round bottles plays a key role in labeling round bottles such as bottles and glass bottles. Active round bottle labeling equipment can be customized according to the process requirements of corporate users. The operation is convenient and flexible, the functions can be increased according to user requirements, and the replacement space is large. Compared with ordinary round bottle labeling machines, it can greatly save manpower and material resources in the factory assembly line, reduce production costs, and greatly improve production efficiency.

At present, automation and intelligence have become mainstream, and the use of labeling machines has become more extensive and common.

So what should we do if the labeling machine goes astray during work?

For novice users, this is a difficult problem to deal with. Now let the editor of Guangzhou Saikoni take you to see the solution.

Situation 1. The label belt of the round bottle labeling machine deviates

Check whether the pressure belt is installed too tightly, causing the belt to deviate. If so, just adjust the strength of the pressure belt.

2. There are bubbles or wrinkles on the label of the round bottle labeling machine

If the label is incomplete, try lowering the label speed. If there are wrinkles, it can reduce the strength of the label.

3. The labels of the round bottle labeling machine are not aligned before and after

The inclination of the support rod can be adjusted to restore the label to the required labeling position.

In addition to the above problems, users may also encounter various other problems during use. Attention should be paid to:

1. During normal use, regular maintenance should be performed to reduce the probability of problems occurring during the use of the round bottle labeling machine.

2. If you encounter problems that cannot be repaired and solved, you should provide timely feedback to the round bottle labeling machine manufacturer to avoid affecting production progress.

Generally speaking, it is very important for companies to select round bottle labeling machine manufacturers. If you choose an excellent automatic labeling machine manufacturer, you will be more worried: the product quality is more reliable and there will be no trouble with after-sales issues.

Guangzhou Tongyang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company located in Guangzhou that focuses on the development and production of automatic filling, capping machines, labeling machine equipment, hot melt adhesive labeling machines , rotary labeling machines , and round bottle stickers for industrial purposes. Labeling machine; as well as supporting equipment combined with automatic labeling on the production line and related system integration projects.

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine, rotary labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine


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