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Guangzhou Tongyang shares today how to adjust the accuracy difference of the rotary labeling machine. Our Tongyang is a manufacturer of hot melt adhesive labeling machines, rotary labeling machines, and round bottle labeling machines.

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  • Release time: 2023-10-17

How to adjust the accuracy difference of labeling machine? When we use the labeling machine, we often encounter the problem of poor labeling accuracy. Poor labeling accuracy can easily affect the aesthetics of the label, so if such a problem occurs, it must be adjusted in time. So what are the reasons that cause the labeling accuracy of the labeling machine to be poor? And how to adjust it? Let's take the rotary labeling machine as an example.

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for poor accuracy of labeling machines:

Category 1, mechanical reasons

Mechanical reasons are divided into two types: static and dynamic:

a. The static cause is the masthead shaking. The solution is to fix the masthead by tightening the masthead and adjusting the fixing base to avoid shaking.

b. Dynamic specific reasons: 1. The product shakes on the conveyor. The solution: reduce the guide gap to avoid the product shaking on the conveyor; 2. Match the speed of the bid and the product. The solution: adjust the traction frequency or conveyor speed. , so that the product will be labeled when it reaches the labeling position.

Category 2, electrical reasons

Electrical reasons include detection and power:

a. The specific reasons for detection are: 1. The stop labeling is inaccurate, the solution: reset the labeling electric eye, so that the labeling machine stops labeling after the product is labeled; 2. The measured object is inaccurate, the solution: adjust The measuring sensor and amplifier can accurately detect labeled products and accurately label them.

b. In terms of power, a common cause is abnormality in the transmission. The solution is to ensure the normal operation of the labeling machine by checking and tightening the transmission components.

The third category, product reasons

There are two types of product-related reasons: labels and products:

a. A common problem with labels is that the spacing between labels does not meet the standard. The solution is to select labels whose spacing meets the standard for labeling.

b. A common product problem is that the product accuracy error is too large. The solution: check and adjust the product dimensional accuracy to ensure that the label is affixed to the fixed position of the product when labeling.

Hot melt adhesive labeling machine , rotary labeling machine, round bottle labeling machine
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