Auto Double Side Labeler



Name: TY-901 Auto Double Side Labeling Machine

I. Product performance characteristics

1). Touch the operating system in both English and Chinese, really realize the man-machine dialogue, the operation is simple to learn.

2). Adopts Siemens PLC with SANYO servo motor closed-loop control, to ensure that the label is stable, high reliability.

3). Use 750 w power, big moment of inertia to send the motor, labeling speed can reach 60 m/min.

4). Send the stand can be adjusted 3 d space, especially suitable for a bottle type of the taper, and change the different size of the product is simple and easy to adjust.

5). Equipped with tension spring clutch, label tension is more stable, run more smoothly, high speed labeling precision is high.

6). Plastic belt adopts high polymer material, special design, ensure to stick objects can accurate positioning, improve the labeling accuracy, two space adjust, wide adjustable range.

7). Can link production line according to the needs of customers, can also according to customer's requirements for special design.

II. Operation process:

III. Technical parameters

Apply labeling production

Flat shape bottle: one side for around circle, front/back sides, three sides and four sides labeling.

Round shape bottle: a circle around or positioning

Label material


Label size

L: 20-500mm

W: 10-200mm

Labeling speed

200 pcs/min

Labeling accuracy


Max width of label

210mmCan be customized

Max length of label


label outside diameter


labels inside diameter(paper core)


Max out label speed


Conveyor belt

L: 3000mm

W: 100mm

H: 900±30mm

Conveyor belt speed

25 m/min

Speed adjustment method

Uninterrupted-adjust rate

Power consumption (W)


Air consumption (MPA)

5-6flat bottle double sides labeling not need air, round bottle labeling should with air

power supply

Three phase 380V 50Hz

According to local voltage in different countries, can add voltage transformer after customer told us about the local voltage.

Machine net size

3000*1600*1580mm Can be customized

Net weight

About 500kg

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