Auto round bottle rubbing labeler



Name: TY-602 Automatic round bottle rubbing roll labeling machine

1. Applicable label and bottle:

1). Applicable labels: stickers labels, stickers film, electronic monitoring code, bar code and so on.

2).  Apply to any kind of round bottle, or cylindrical products which can standing steady.

2. Basic use:

1) Can paste one label or two labels or half a circle for label, but cannot positioning.

2) Widely used in daily chemical, bio-medical, food, stationery supplies, mechanical hardware and other industries.

3. Operation process:

4. Parameter

Labeling accuracy

±1mm (excluding products, labels, error)

Labeling speed

30-80 pcs/min (related to the product and label size)

Apply the product diameter

25--100mm(Can be customized)

Apply label size

Length20 -300 mm; Width: 15-120 mm

(Can be customized)

Applicable to the power supply

220V/50HZ (Need to add a voltage converter, according to the local voltage of different country)

Apply labels inside diameter


Apply labels outside diameter




Power consumption


size (L*W*H)

Machine size: 2130*1680*1300 mm

Packing size: 2180*1730*1400mm


About 200Kg

5. Features

  • Wide range of applications, can meet whole circle or half circle labeling. The size of the bottle type is easy to change, easy to adjust.
  • The label of the degree of coincidence is very high, the standard belt is the use of correction mechanism, the standard does not go side, labeling parts x / y / z three directions and tilt, a total of eight degrees of freedom adjustable, , Label coincidence is high.
  • Excellent quality labeling, the use of elastic pressure coated belt, labeling flat, no wrinkles, improve the quality of packaging.
  • Flexible application, the bottle standing vertical labeling, with automatic sub-bottle function, stand-alone production, but also can be connected to the production line.
  • Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, with no bottle no labeling, when there is no label, it can automatically correct, automatic label detection function to prevent leakage and label waste.
  • High stability, Panasonic PLC + Panasonic touch screen + Panasonic needle-shaped electric eye + Germany Leuze brand label electric eye, composed of advanced electronic control system, support equipment 7 × 24 hours operation;
  • Adjust the simple, labeling speed, delivery speed, sub-bottle speed can be achieved step less speed regulation, according to the need to adjust;

6. Optional function

1) Hot coding, thermal transfer printer or inkjet printer. (production date, product batch number, valid date);

2) Auto feeding function

3) Auto collection production function

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