Opp Large Round Bottle Labeler



TYRT-0604R Automatic OPP Hot Melt Big Round Bottle Labeling Machine

1. Product performance characteristics

1). This model is suitable for OPP film, pearl film and other circumferential labeling of round bottles with larger diameters.

2). Hot melt adhesive labeling machine for plastic bottles in mineral water, beverage and other industries

3). It adopts servo motors imported from Japan's Sanyo and Siemens PLC control, which is easy to operate and stable and reliable.

4). Adopt advanced gluing system and vacuum drum combination to ensure high labeling accuracy. Only apply glue on both ends of the label to reduce the amount of glue used to save costs.

5). The synchronous belt wheel transmission system, and the use of screw and star wheel to match the bottle in and out, ensure that the product is smooth and stable in high-speed operation.

6). It can be connected to the filling line for production, which greatly improves the production speed and saves production costs.

2. Labeling process:

Bottle feedingpositioningdetectioncut labelabsorb labelgluinglabelingsupport labelout bottle.

The screw and star wheel are used to match the bottle in and out to ensure high-speed operation

3.technical parameters

Labeling product type

Suitable for labeling plastic, metal, glass, etc., round containers

Suitable label type

OPP/bopp hot melt adhesive, film label, paper-plastic composite film, label, paper label

Label size

Length: 130-330mm

Width: 20-145mm

Labeled product size (standard model)

6 stations: height 50-300mm diameter 40-100mm

8 stations: height 50-300mm diameter 40-100mm

12 stations: height 50-300mm diameter 40-100mm

16 stations: height 50-300mm diameter 40-70mm

20 stations: height 50-300mm diameter 40-70mm

(Note: The height adjustment range of each machine is ±50mm)

Optional labeling station

6 stations TYRY-0604R 4000 BPH

8 stations TYRY-0806R 6000 BPH

12 stations TYRY-1209R 9000 BPH

16 stations TYRY-1615R 15000 BPH

20 stations TYRY-2024R 24000 BPH

24-station TYRY-2436R 36000 BPH

Labeling speed


Container diameter

40-100mm (standard model)

Labeling accuracy


Maximum label width (height)

150mm (the width of the standard model can be customized)

Label outer diameter


Paper core diameter


Maximum bidding speed

Maximum label speed 150m/min

Labeling colloid

Hot melt glue, only apply glue on both ends of the label

Glue temperature


Speed adjustment method

Stepless speed regulation


Length: 3500m; Width: 100m; Height: 1100mm ±30mm

Power consumption (W)


Air consumption


power supply

Three-phase 380V 50Hz 8000W

Mechanical Dimensions


Total Weight

About 3000kg

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