Rotary Leak Test Machine



Name: TY-1212R Rotary Leak Test Machine

Product performance characteristics

1. This model is an empty bottle of air tightness test.

2. Touch the operating system in both English and Chinese, really realize the man-machine dialogue, the operation is simple to learn.

3. Adopts Siemens PLC control, ensure that the leak was stable, high reliability.

4. Out of the bottle leak continuously, without pause, truly achieve high-speed detection, high-speed elimination.

5. According to customer's needs to link production lines, can also according to customer's requirements for special design.

Technical parameters

Power Three-phase 380V 50Hz 3000W

Machine dimensions 1400*1300*2000mm(can be adjusted by customer requirements)

The method of speed adjustment uninterrupted-adjust rate

Air pressure requirement 0.8MPa

Leak testing air pressure 0.10.2MPa

Leakage limits 10MPa

Air consumption 800L/min

Testing type for products suitable for round, square or containers made of plastic, metal, glass

Testing workstation 12per cycle

Max speed 12000BPH

Machine weight about 1000Kg

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