What should we do if the labeling position of the rotary labeling machine is inaccurate?

2022-10-17 18:07
What should we do if the labeling position of the rotary labeling machine is inaccurate?
What should we do if the label orientation is inaccurate? Nowadays, most manufacturers and packaging manufacturers begin to use rotary labelers to label their products. More and more enterprises are looking at the products of rotary labelers. As an important production and processing equipment, the active rotary labeling machine is suitable for various containers developed by different manufacturers to meet the needs of different manufacturers. However, mechanical equipment will inevitably fail. As long as we know the corresponding methods, we can effectively deal with this problem. Today, I want to share with us the cause and solution of inaccurate orientation of rotary labeler.
What should we do if the label orientation is inaccurate? Rotary labeling machine is a kind of mechanical equipment with accurate labeling direction and stable product quality, which effectively reduces the production cost and improves the popularity and competitiveness of products. If the rotary labeler presents the problem of unstable labels, the rotary labeler will not be able to complete the above operations. So how should we face these problems? How to deal with the inaccurate orientation of the rotary labeler? There are many reasons for this phenomenon. If the orientation of the pressure band is adjusted improperly, the rotary labeler will lead to inaccurate label orientation. As the belt of the rotary labeling machine is loose, the electric eye cannot correctly identify the direction. The solution to the problem of rotary labeling machine is also very simple. We just need to adjust the position of the pressure band.
Let's see what other reasons may lead to inaccurate orientation of the rotary labeler. Dragging tissues may slip or not be pressed, which may lead to problems such as the inability to remove the backing paper smoothly and the instability of the label. How to deal with it? We can deal with this problem by pressurizing the traction tissue. If the tension is too large, the label will be pulled, and the rotary labeling machine can thus pull the lining paper normally. (Generally, if there are wrinkles on the bottom paper, it should be too tight). Sometimes the mechanical setting is incorrect, which will also lead to inaccurate orientation of the rotary labeler. For example, when we are in the double standard state, after releasing a single label, the rotary labeler will set the second label without delay. However, the products to be labeled are still in the label area. At the moment, the rotary labeling machine is waiting for labeling. After the second label is announced, the workpiece stops the rotary labeler. Due to the signal interference (resetting the electric eye) or abnormal delayed operation in the measuring electric eye. In this case, we can set the delay of the second mark.
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