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Guangzhou Tongyang Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in research, development and production of filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines and the whole production line machinery. The company has its own production workshop, design team and sales department. It is an automation technology company with independent design, production and sales

Tongyang has a professional service team and perfect service system. We always adhere to the principle of attaching importance to the quality of after-sales service and customer satisfaction!

I. Pre sales service

1. Listening to needs

Customers who are interested in purchasing our equipment can call for consultation, provide detailed information, and have a detailed understanding of the specific needs of the equipment. Listen to customers' needs, meet customers' requirements, and suggest products that meet customers' requirements.

2. Customized

According to the customer's needs, design mechanical equipment according to the customer's needs.

3. Free product trial service

In order to see a more intuitive effect, customers can send samples with standard prototypes or similar machines. We can shoot videos and purchase after watching the videos with satisfactory results, so as to truly achieve zero risk in purchasing.

II. On sale service

1. Instructions

Provide customers with corresponding product use training, and provide customers with engineering construction technical consultation. Product manual and video presentation.

2. On site teaching of engineers

When purchasing products, our company will arrange engineers to your company for installation, commissioning and operation training to ensure that the machine operates normally and the workers are skilled in operating the labeling machine.

III. after-sale service

1. Warranty period

Tongyang sells all products with a one-year warranty and lifelong maintenance. Free on-site maintenance during the warranty period (excluding failures or damages caused by human factors or irresistible natural phenomena)

2. Troubleshooting

The customer can inquire about the technical problems through the after-sales telephone, and clarify the solution through telephone guidance; After receiving the equipment fault, go to the site to solve the problem within three working days.

3. In order to ensure service quality and provide customers with satisfactory services, the company has established a service supervision organization, which is fully responsible by the manager in charge of sales and service. The service supervision organization shall conduct regular and irregular comprehensive evaluation on the service quality and technical level of service engineers, and submit the evaluation results to relevant departments as the main basis for evaluating the work performance of engineers.



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